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Waking up can be the hardest thing to do, especially when gravity is marvelously doing its job in keeping you glued to the comfort of your bed; the urge to go back to sleep is incredibly intense. For some, mornings are the messiest part of the day; snoozing the alarm two to three times before finally getting up, bolting into the bathroom, checking social media, and rushing around to be in time for work or class.

Although most are used to the same old frustrating process, living every day the same way may grow boring and result in losing motivation. Others may feel like they are merely existing and not finding the sense of liveliness in their day. It is why morning routines are vital as they positively influence the tone of the day. Also, certain morning rituals help with our peace of mind and our emotional and physical well-being.

As we all have different personalities and preferences, not every morning routine blogs and articles you see on the internet may suit you. Some prefer taking a long jog early in the morning while others do yoga or dive into a nice cup of coffee or tea, and others who don’t have the time hurry their way into class or work. However, just because you don’t suppose all the healthy morning routine posts to suit you doesn’t mean you can’t try them out. It may be difficult to stray away from the habits that one has been used to; however, you must keep in mind that change is not easy because it requires determination and willpower.

What are the most important things one should consider when crafting a morning routine?
When crafting a morning routine, you must consider doing things that include physical movements like small exercises, anything really, as long as your body is on the move. Integrating these habits makes you energized and fully awakens your body. Establishing practices that are emotionally, mentally, and spiritually nourishing are exceedingly essential as well.

6 Great Morning Routine Tips

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1. Start Strong and Optimistic. Research shows that promoting optimism in a healthy lifestyle greatly influences one’s mental and physical well-being. Hence, beginning your day with a positive attitude sets the tone for the next hours ahead and tremendously helps attract good energy. It is good to take notice of the negatives that may happen throughout the day, but one should look on the bright side of things. Stop being pessimistic. Face the day with a smile and trust in yourself.


2. Stretch. Our muscles tend to tighten up when we lay in the same position all night while our heart rate slows down and blood flow decreases. Stretching in the morning helps in increasing blood flow and relieving any tension or pain from the night before. It can also serve as a stress reliever if you focus on stretching and relaxing your body instead of worrying about the day ahead.


3. Meditate. Reducing stress and lessening anxiety are just two reasons why people meditate. Meditating also helps one to reflect on themselves, focusing on self-improvement and perceiving life positively. When you do this early in the morning, you can be mentally and emotionally ready to face the day as you are one with your thoughts and have a sense of unison with your mind and emotions.


4. Hydrate. It has been said before and will be again: stay hydrated. Drinking enough water every day is crucial because it delivers nutrients to the cells, regulates body temperature, and improves sleep and mood. Drinking water after waking up is essential since you spent seven or eight hours without hydrating. It refreshes and rehydrates your body; what better way to start your day than that?

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5. Make a To-Do List. Most of us certainly have a ton of work laying on the table or assignments and projects nearly due that are waiting to get done; making a list of the things you need to accomplish within the day is one way to keep yourself composed and organized. Plus, checking or crossing off whatever’s written on the list gives a sense of satisfaction and self-pride that boosts happiness.

6. Read or Write. Our minds are well-rested and fresh in the morning, which means it is in its best condition to read. By reading in the morning, we start the day on a pleasant note. We encounter meaningful insights that will keep us motivated and fueled. Writing your feelings or any thoughts that may cross your mind is also a great way to pour your emotions into the pages and be creative.