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Fitness Lifestyle

How Instagram has Transformed the Fitness Industry

What are the chances of you opening up Instagram and at least one person on your feed has posted a photo of his or her fitness regimes, healthy meals or workout attire? Probably very high. Whether you are repulsed or encouraged by it, Instagram has started a fitness revolution that cannot be avoided.

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In recent years, our social media feeds have been flooded with images of the ideal which is perpetuated through society through a multitude digital actions such as the ‘double tap’, shares and screenshots.

Why is Instagram so Popular within the Fitness Industry?
Instagram has provided personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts with a platform to offer advice and support for others trying to reach their fitness goals. People are drawn to the photographic evidence of progression and results that give people the encouragement and attitude that anything is possible.

Whether you are working towards a bikini body, training towards your next bodybuilding competition, or simply just trying to lose/gain weight, Instagram has become society’s go-to platform for inspiration and motivation with photographic evidence of progression and results making the impossible seem possible.

How Powerful is Instagram?
With over 1 billion monthly active users, and over 95 million photos and videos uploaded every day, Instagram has an immense power to connect people from all corners of the world. Such power has given it the platform for large companies and organisations to gain more coverage for their brand and products.

It has also become a platform that personal trainers, fitness enthusiasts and dieticians can capitalise on. Diet plans, workouts and workout supplements are increasingly pushed out across social media, particularly now public figures and fitness influencers can promote such brands through their Instagram accounts just by the upload of a photo.

Our feeds are regularly showered with images of the ‘ideal’ body which promotes sculpted curves, defined abs, peachy glutes and solid biceps. Although this can be problematic as some deem it to be promoting unrealistic goals, the images can be used to show off personal achievements or as inspiration to encourage users to continue living a healthy lifestyle in order to see results.

Instagram Food Revolution

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From buying aesthetically pleasing crockery, vibrant ingredients, to carefully spending time on the positioning and appearance of our food, Instagram has completely changed the way we eat.

In recent years, people have become more religious about taking photos of and posting food than saying grace before meals. Instagram has transformed society’s eating habits by posting delicious pictures of healthy food and recipes that are promoted by fitness fanatics, encouraging people to try out the recipes and eat healthy.

Digital culinary worship, if anything, has opened users eyes and mouths to the world of food and refined palates. It is easier and quicker to pick up on the trends on the other side of the planet and have made societies obsession with food more apparent with a hashtag of #foodie that is used over 200 million times a day.

Many people have become accustomed to the fact that the camera eats first and thanks to Instagram, there is a lot of circulating knowledge and information out there about healthy eating which has transformed vegetables which were once something you would try and hide under your knife and fork.

Gym Apparel

Instagram has infused the world of style and sport and ‘athleisure’ is currently one of the hottest trends influencing the fashion industry. Defined as ‘gym wear that can be worn for exercising and general use’, items such as leggings, hoodies, sports bras and running trainers have become one of the biggest areas for market growth as people have begun wearing them for social purposes as well as fitness purposes.

The athleisure and explosion has been fueled by an Instagram led cult of healthy living and clean eating. Influencers are constantly posting pictures of themselves with a new protein shake or health supplement whilst wearing their latest gym apparel.

This trend has transitioned onto the UK high street as shops are collaborating with leading sports brands to release fitness ranges in order to keep up with the proliferating Instagram trends.

Throughout social media, the term “influencer” seems hard to ignore. Influencers have become popular throughout the frequent use of social media that has created a loyal following. The concept of an influencer is only possible because of how social media has changed how we perceive and process digital content.

Fitness influencers have become some of the most powerful across social media. Why? The fitness industry used to claim that achieving a dream body was only attainable for the few who work out the hardest, like famous bodybuilders and professional athletes.

Influencers have diminished this idea by making fitness achievable for everyone. Therefore, if a person who you follow, thus easily identify with, can reach their fitness goals, then so can you.
In order to earn success, they constantly manipulate their digital image and capitalize off brand opportunities for public exposure.

Will Instagram continue to grow?
The beauty of Instagram is that it is not cluttered with unwanted ads and impersonal content. As long as Instagram remains a place to share photos and quality content, then it is sure to continue to grow, particularly within the fitness community around the world. As of yet, it has connected millions and millions of fitness minded people, as well as encouraged people to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle, which is a fabulous thing.

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