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9 Best Health Apps for You

Technology in the fitness sphere has been fast evolving. The latest examples are the wearable devices that help you track your health data. Ideally, you should know your physical activity, calorie intake, mood, sleep patterns, and even menstrual phases through apps and other digital tools.

But in the real world, you can’t spread yourself thin (see what we did there?). The key is to focus on a few resources while you try to slay current dragons—er, goals. If you are still window-shopping the best health apps for your wellness adventure, you’ll find the following list pretty handy.

NHS Choices weight loss guide

Shed off pounds using this 12-week diet and exercise plan, co-created by the National Health Service (NHS) with the British Dietetic Association. NHS puts the safe rate for weight loss at 0.5kg to 1kg (1lb to 2lb) per week. You will be able to achieve this goal “by sticking to a daily calorie allowance,” the agency adds.

With four million downloads to date (go here), this guide has an online community that is growing and ready to support you. Just make sure to know how the NHS Choices features work and follow its recommendations.

Price: Free


This tech firm boasts of a family of fitness products that cater to different people and preferences. You can take the quiz on its site to find which one suits you. For instance, you may get Fitbit Versa, a smartwatch that allows fitness and sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, personal coaching, and music playing. Plus, it’s swimproof and long-lasting (four days of batt life).

You can connect multiple Fitbit devices to one app account. So if you choose to switch to a different product, you can just pick up where you left off.

Price: Fitbit Versa starts at $199


Here’s an app that will teach you about food grades, let you scan barcodes at the grocery store, and know which food options are good for your health. It’s like taking a supermarket trip with your nutritionist. And it gives you tips like: “Limit your calories from liquids, they don’t satiate as well as solid food.” It helps you make the right choices for your meals, snacks, and drinks.

Download and explore the app to see if it’s something you’d like to keep on your mobile.

Price: Free


Whether you want to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle, this app is always ready to cheer you on. MyFitnessPal motivates users to achieve their goals through diet and exercise. With this app, you can track the calories and break down nutrition information. It also leverages gamification, rewards action, and drives you to reach for your dreams.

Plus, it is powered by Under Armour. This company has shown its dedication to sports and quality. And that extends to the overall health of individuals.

Price: Free

Nike+ Run Club

Training for a run? Just jogging to get your body moving? Make Nike+ Run Club your virtual coach. It logs your pace and progress. Then it customizes your training plan using your personal data. You can also search for or create a running club in your area so you can run better together with friends.

If anything, the app simply cultivates in you the mindset and spirit of an athlete. It sure offers a fun way to run.

Price: Free

Stretching and Flexibility Plans

It’s important to activate your muscles especially if you sit for long hours at work. But if they’re also sore, do a series of stretches stat. This app, downloadable on iTunes, dishes out different positions to try. All of them target a specific sore point. The movements are grouped according to expert level: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Follow the plans provided or create your own based on the 300 different stretches on the app.

Price: $10/six months or $18/year on iTunes


For the women reading this article, do you track your period? Your entire menstrual cycle? If you don’t, then let Flo help you get started. Aside from plotting your ovulation period, pre-menstrual phase, and menstrual date, it also collects additional data points like mood, symptoms, and sexual activity. Then, the app will curate and share with you informational and insightful content related to women and your reproductive health.

Price: Free


Maybe you’ve come across doctors who are raving about the benefits of meditation on the mind and body. They often suggest it to a person who’s experiencing a lot of stress. Stress can be a factor in conditions like insomnia. With Headspace, you can choose the free Basics pack that will take you on a 10-day beginner’s course on guided meditation. The practice is linked to a positive impact on stress levels, productivity, and sleep.

Price: Free


Instead of trying multiple workouts in a week, you can pace yourself with Aaptiv. This workout app enables you to explore different workouts and training styles. You can pick running, rowing, HIIT, strength training, yoga, and many others. Whatever your situation is, there is a training that can meet your needs and wants.

Price: Free trial, $15/month or $100/year


Many of the examples here have a free version yet can be upgraded to a premium account. The good thing is that you can try an app first before committing. Once you know which among these apps will be part of your motley crew, you are ready to kick off to the next level of your wellness journey.

We wish you well. Live long and prosper.

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