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Best Fitness Gadgets for 2019

The Consumer Electronics Show 2019, held in Vegas in January, became the hub for the hottest fitness gadgets in town.

Here are some of the best gadgets that should be on your list if you’re serious about your health and fitness goals this year:

Smartwatches are still in

They’re discreet and stylish, depending on the maker. And among the wearable tech lot, they rank high in functionality. Smartwatches are not going anywhere this year for sure.

Apple Watch Series 4

The redesigned version boasts a bigger screen, an electric heart sensor, and a reengineered Digital Crown with haptic feedback. The larger display allows you to view up to eight complications at a time. With the sensor, you can generate an electrocardiogram via the ECG app to share with your doctor. Use the ECG app by touching the Digital Crown with your finger. Series 4 is a proactive smartwatch with optimized elements helping you protect your health.

One full charge gets it up and running throughout the day.

Fitbit Versa

The Fitbit smartwatch lineup is expanding. Following Fitbit Ionic, Fitbit Versa comes with a slicker design and a more affordable price tag. The accurate measurements Fitbit is known for are there. Of course, there are more advanced features to experience, including on-screen workouts, contactless payments, and heart-rate monitoring capabilities.

Its four-day battery life is also hard to beat.

Garmin Forerunner 235

This running watch takes your wrist-based heart rate together with pace, distance, and time. It also tracks activities like daily steps, distance, calories, and sleep. The customizable watch faces and data fields set you up to achieve your running and/or fitness goals. On top of these, Garmin Forerunner 235 is compatible with GPS and GLONASS satellites so you can locate your position fast. Run on and off the road without worries. What’s not to love?

See for yourself if the battery can indeed run 24/7 for one year without getting charged.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Creator Samsung hits the right spot by marketing its smartwatch as an alternative to running with phones. The Galaxy Watch lets you call, text, stream music, and get cellular-enabled notifications. You can even pay using it with just a tap! Plus, you’re promised this wearable will last long.

On its website, Samsung claims the Galaxy Watch can work nonstop for days on a single charge.

Hit two birds with one machine with Deskcise Pro

Say goodbye to the sedentary lifestyle with this desk bike from FlexiSpot. It’s designed to work as a standing desk, a sitting desk, and an exercise bike in one device. The seat can be easily adjusted between sitting, biking, and standing. And you can choose from eight resistance levelslight to robustto keep active while checking emails or watching TV.

You can move the Deskcise Pro around the house for your utmost convenience. Its spacious desktop is wide enough to hold your laptop, tablet, or books safe while you work out. This is the multitasking gadget to consider this year. On a conference call? It’s definitely okay to cycle in the background because of its whisper-quiet operation.

Try neuropriming through Halo Sport 2

To ship in June 2019, Halo Sport 2 is a headset designed for neuropriming. It act as a brain stimulator, sending signals to the motor cortex part of the brain, which controls movement. It aims to help users learn movements faster, allowing you to get the most out of your workout. This upleveled neuroplasticity enables you to enter a state of hyperlearning. Halo Sport 2 is a brain hacking tool for athletes and anyone looking to accelerate their progress during trainings.

The previous Halo Sport headset has been studied and shown to enhance sprint cycling and cognitive performance, as well as improve running endurance and increase piano task speed and accuracy. So the benefits also extend to musicians and other non-athletic users.

Hear better and smarter with Nuheara IQbuds Max

Here’s something for people who have mild to moderate hearing loss problems. The Nuheara IQbuds Max features triple the hearing capability of IQbuds Boost while offering five times the latter’s processing power. Plus, it introduces the world’s first Hybrid Active Noise Cancelation system. Altogether, these elements work to deliver the most personalized, natural, and enhanced sound ever. Take this assistive hearing product with you to the gym. Or simply leverage it to participate in the conversations around you.

Invest in technical outerwear like The North Face FutureLight

Are you more of an outdoors person? The North Face promises to launch FutureLight, the world’s most advanced breathable-waterproof outerwear, in Fall 2019. The product is going to change the future of technical outerwear, the company adds. FutureLight refers to the fabric that the brand is using to create gear. The technology behind its manufacture is called nanospinning.

In a press release, the North Face describes the process as creating “Nano-level holes, allowing for incredible porosity while still maintaining total waterproofness, letting air move through the material and provide more venting than ever before.”

It’s exciting to see what the company comes up with for specific sports or activities, such as mountaineering, skiing, mountain biking, and backpacking.

Final thoughts

The latest trends in technology continue to bring with them a host of tools that help us achieve our health and fitness goals more effectively and efficiently.

Which among fitness gadgets are you getting? Do you have other recommendations we missed? Tell us in the comments section.

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